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Originally Posted by jimc101 View Post
The point is that 10 speed DI2 is at a dead end, as well as 10 speed in general, all manufactures are moving to 11 speed from mid range up.

R. Agree.

Given that 11 speed DI2 is now standard for both road and MTB system, you have a much better spares base than from the original DI2 which for both Ultegra and Dura Ace is now several years OOP.

R. Agree.

If looking at a new bike, which the OP is, there is little point in looking at 10 speed,

R. The OP's point on the 10 v. 11 speed is that he lives on flat roads and has no hills to climb, so that extra 11th gear becomes not a necessary selling or moot point? If he lived in a hilly area then the 11th gear would be more beneficial to him, make sense?

if upgrading, the cost of a 10 speed DI2 groups set could be attractive, especially if it is priced in the knowledge that its obsolete, and spares are becoming hard to come by (although I would pass on this).
R. Assuming a 10 speed Di2 part did break at some point, if at all, then upgrading to the 11 speed Di2 would make sense, albeit a expensive one. So that was one of my thoughts when posting the 10 speed v. 11 speed question. Should I purchase the 10 speed Di2 bike, then maybe at a later date I may have to spend extra cash to upgrade to 11 speed Di2 or even 11 speed w/o Di2. Not sure what that would cost? Or just buy the 11 speed?
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