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Originally Posted by McBTC View Post
Forget about "standing" and "hanging" if that only invokes thoughts of nothing more than a debate over semantics. The real question is which spokes are actually doing the work and that has been calculated by engineers using finite element analysis. The spokes at the bottom are carrying the load so that evokes the use of a word like 'stands' to connote something being supported by something else that is resting on the ground, as opposed to the word 'hangs' that might seem more appropriate if the physics of the matter were more like a hub being supported from something else above the hub. Jobst Brandt ("The Bicycle Wheel") is pointed to as the seminal work on the structural mechanics underlying the functioning of the bicycle wheel.
I don't understand how the word "compression" can be used to describe the decrease in tension that the bottom spokes experience. I'm not an engineer, but it seems to me that it would be impossible to compress the bottom spokes. What am I missing?
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