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I can be both. Depends on the mood and purpose. At the moment, I have three or four gadgets sitting in front of me, wireless computers, including one that records GPS. But I haven't drunk the full glass yet, and got anything remotely like a Garmin. I do like recording the distances of my rides, and the use of Strava with the GPS info adds information including calorie burn and elevation, as well as documenting the bikes I ride. And because I will be returning to long-distance riding in the future, it helps track my "training".

Lights are essential because our winters in particular aren't so cold to prevent year-round riding. I have ordinary battery powered ones, and have invested in several different types of hub dynamos (SON and Shimano), plus quality lights. There is a need for redundancy, so there are myriad tail lights in the workshop.

I have several video cameras, a proper one, and then one made by Garmin (but the basic version). I used the proper one on our world travels several years ago, and the smaller one occasionally. There are some future plans for them, however.

Then as far as minimalist goes, I do ride a fixed gear, and enjoy thoroughly. The only gadget concession is the computer. No gears to worry about. No having to make decisions when to shift. It does have brakes.

I also tend to try out stuff until I can find something that fits my needs and stick with it. Tyre pumps are an example. I don't use CO2 cartridges (gadget), but have acquired seven or eight of a particular type of road pump that really works to put on our bikes. Same with rear racks -- there are six or seven of a certain brand and design on the bikes. And there is other stuff, too.

I understand the desire for "purity" by keeping stuff simple and gadget-less. But we all must be posting on computers rather than sending our messages to BFs through the post.
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