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Land Shark and Slawta have an interesting history for those that didn't know. Serotta was building bikes for the famous 7-11 team, and the bikes literally started breaking under the cyclists. This happened to Andy Hampsten a 7-11 rider during a race. Many of the cyclists on the team completely lost confidence in the Serotta bicycles amongst a lot of finger pointing between Serotta and True Temper. The team allowed the cyclists to actually go get their own bikes instead of riding the dangerous sponsor bike. Andy Hampsten actually bought, with his own money, a Land Shark from Slawta. The joke always has been that Slawta gave him a good deal on it. Andy Hampsten then became the only American to ever win the Giro D'Italia on his 7-11 Land Shark.

A great story:

Historic Pro Bike: Andy Hampsten's 1988 7-Eleven Huffy Giro d'Italia |

To the OP, you claimed Di2 is the best shifting their is. If you don't mind me asking, I see a lot of posts from cyclists wanting to validate what they have, but who don't have a lot of experience with really anything else. I take it you've had a lot of Saddle time with Campagnolo Record/Super Record and Campagnolo EPS to make that claim? I think the electronic groups are a reaction to how finicky 10/11 speeds became. You can't keep stuffing more cogs in the same space without things getting persnickety. In my opinion the Campagnolo made Sachs New Success 8-speed group is the best shifting group I've ever used. I've not used the electronic groups, but I'd buy an old Mavic Zap or Mektronic (who did it first, and twice!) if they actually worked. The great thing about New Success was that it used the standard 8-speed shimano movement, but you had Campagnolo Ergolevers and some say even the derailleurs were made by Campy (I've never been able to confirm that). With the triple and long cage available derailleurs, the Ergo levers front trim advantages, and the thicker outer link chain and the wider tolerances on 8-speed, and the convenience of being able to use shimano compatible wheel sets I kind of think of it as the best touring/tandem group ever. I've not tried everything though.
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