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Originally Posted by Van Goghs Ear View Post
I like to think I'm balanced. There are gadgets I feel I need, I have a 550 lumen light...totally overkill, but I do shift work, and about 3km of my commute is in total darkness in an area ripe with deer, skunks, coyotes, etc.

My garmin has helped make me a better cyclist, and helps me challenge myself...I don't need it but I like having it, I also like riding without it at times.

I also have di2, which I didn't seek out, I just happened to get it on a frame I wanted that was marked down 1000 bucks. It's certainly nice, but it wouldn't make ior break my decision on a purchase.

Everything else is need based, pumps, spares, etc. I don't particularly like mirrors, bells, cameras, etc.
You're borderline gadgeteer and might want to watch yourself. The light and spares are fine since they're necessary (as long as you keep it that way). Even the Di2, since it was bundled with a new bike, and there's no rule about how we control our gears., though simply buying a bike you didn't need might be a nudge in the gadgeteer direction.

OTOH- the Garmin is a definite move into gadget country. True minimalists have no need of even simple bike computers, let alone anything GPS based.

So, you're definitely on the edge, and one more gadget (ie. fancy sun glasses, sweat band, fancy helmet, etc. will be enough to push yourself over the top.

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