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Of the four bikes I do most of my trips on, one is stock from 1974, one is stock from 1984, one is a 1982 bike that has had a drive train upgrade to state of the art circa 2000 and the other is a custom tandem. No gadgets other than lights and appropriate reflective gear. Once in a while I'll bring a tablet in my pocket to map out some routes on logging roads, but I mostly explore them without any toys. No bike computer, no speedometer, no heart-rate monitor. My one concession to toys is a Spot, which lets friends and family know where to pick up my corpse should I make a fatal error. (Just kidding; it's so I can call for assistance if I need it and so that people who might want to know where I'm at can see at a glance and know when to expect me to return.) If there was cell phone reception where I ride I might replace the Spot with a cell phone, but that's highly unlikely in the next decade or two.

All told, I guess that makes me somewhere between the extremes.
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