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As a bicyclist, are you a gadgeteer or a minimalist?

Originally Posted by Van Goghs Ear View Post
I like to think I'm balanced. There are gadgets I feel I need…

Originally Posted by Van Goghs Ear View Post
Well if we're including fancy versions of necessity...then I am totally on the gadgety side��...
I’m certainly not a minimalist, but not a gadgeteer for gadget’s sake. As an avid cyclist: year-round commuter, road cyclist,and former tourist, I have an extended list of “necessities” to make cycling safer, more efficient, fun, and interesting. I’m particularly pleased by some of my own improvised innovations.

A non-cycling colleague is amused by the gadgets and innovations I acquire and it’s an inside joke as I relate them to him. I can’t wait to tell him about my most recent, and very useful relating to my cell phone, itself like a multi-use tool, combining a single (minimal) object with multiple gadgets.

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
I carry a cell phone for communication, in particular because I am often on call for work; for navigation; as a camera; and as a listening device. I like to keep my I-Phone 6+ on my chest close to my head so I can hear it, and have it easily accessible to answer a call, take a photo, or spot my position on the confusing, haphazard thoroughfares of Metro Boston. Earlier this year I replied to this thread, ”Water proof cases for iPhones”, describing a badge holder suspended from the neck, in which it nicely fit.

Eventually, the weight of the phone on my neck became a nuisance, so I started carrying it in a side pocket inside my cycling vest, but then it was less readily available, harder to quickly pick up a call, and more awkward to use for the other tasks.

So my final, and most satisfactory innovation was to buy a Hidden Security Waist Wallet with a top zippered opening, and a pair of suspenders with clips. I then shortened the front suspender straps as short as possible, and fashioned a “shoulder holster” as it were, that comfortably holds the I-phone high to make it easily accessible.

I call it an ”I-bra.” . As mentioned above, I usually wear a yellow cycling vest, so the holster doesn’t show.
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