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I am not going to take the time to search and pull up the PD A600 pedal specific info. But most Shimano pedals use cup and cone bearings housed in a cartridge unit that slips into the pedal body. Sure they have seals but I doubt the bearings are what I would call a pre assembled radial bearing that has seals incorporated into the bearing it's self. Most of the Shimano pedals I've worked with are user adjustable WRT the bearing pre load.

As to the cleat engagement ease. The shoe sole has a LOT to do with this. the greater the pedal platform size the more how the cleat is recessed becomes an issue. many times the sole's walking surface contacts the pedal platform before the cleat fully seats within the pedal jaws. Try placing a piece of thin shim stock on either side of the pedal jaws and then engage the shoe/cleat. Can you easily wiggle the shim stock? If not then the shoe sole and pedal platform are likely trapping it. Meaning that the two contact each other. Sometimes careful sole surface removal (grinding) will allow the cleat to seat deeper into the jaws. Andy.
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