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+1 ^^^^^^^

There is a rather sharp natural selection process in that someone 75+yo who can do a metric in 6.5 hours is likely to have a different (better?) gene set, plain good luck and other environmental factors than someone who has not or cannot.

I've got too many friends who work on "fitness" and are in their 70's and simply can't do something like this no matter the will or the training. Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, osteoarthritis, the big C, beginning dementia etc. will eliminate them from the potential pool, leaving a highly selective and biased survey group.

Nice, but with limited application.

And, yes, at age 75+, I could do a metric if I desired, but I prefer an all-round fitness program of bicycling (mountain, street and road), swimming, walking/hiking, resistance training, etc.

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