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I am pretty surprised...well not really. Best degreaser for a chain? Buy a gallon of no odor mineral spirits at Home Depot.
Easy way? Bike in floor stand...plastic sheet or news paper under the bike...copious mineral spirits on paper towel...pedal backwards while grasping the chain. Will clean it nicely. Let dry for a minute and reapply White Lightening Clean ride...my lube of choice.

More thorough? Remove the chain and place it in a pickle jar...3/4 filled with mineral spirits with chain and master link inside. Shake and it will become very clean. I will say this is 2 edged sword. I have been at this bike stuff for decades. Completely stripping the inside of the chain generally doesn't pay big dividends unless the you have ridden through a lot of dirt/water/salt etc. Once in while not a bad thing but I can ride a year without doing it...just exterior clean. For normal riding...I wipe the chain with a dry paper towel, relube and go. I get great chain life with above.
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