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Originally Posted by JonathanGennick View Post
Don't sweat the details. And kids tend to be concrete thinkers. Telling a kid that he's risking a pedal strike doesn't mean much until the pedal strike happens. Kids don't reason forward very well about what they've not yet experienced.

Maybe suggest holding his feet level when cornering. That's what I suggest to new mountain-bikers (who are usually somewhat older than four).
We worked on simply not pedaling through corners yesterday. I demonstrated and he seemed to get it, at first. Then went right back to old habits :-) I'll let him pop himself off the bike a few more times and then remind him about not pedaling. We live at the end of a street (not a cul de sac) on a very slight downgrade and he's been making that u-turn at full speed while pedaling, hence the pedal strikes

Originally Posted by JonathanGennick View Post
Skids are fun and easy with coaster brakes. I wouldn't even worry about those. Let the kid skid.
Yeah, I'll let that one go and just buy a few replacement rear tires.

Originally Posted by JonathanGennick View Post
On placing the pedal on a coaster brake bike, yes, I see that problem all the time. One young neighbor always seems to stop with the pedals vertical, and we live on a slight hill. He sometimes gives up and just walks back up.

Honestly, I don't sweat the details too awfully much. It's all good if the kid is riding and smiling. The rest comes with time and experience.

Enjoy those happy miles!
He's getting better at quickly getting his feet onto the pedals. He used to need a little downgrade to get started smoothly but he's managing on that same ever so slight upgrade now, with some furious feet kicking. I won't worry about this one either and likely wait until I get him riding with a full height saddle (where needs to come off it to stop) before I bother with starting technique.

He's definitely riding and smiling. I had to drag him inside for dinner yesterday. Thanks for the reply!
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