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Originally Posted by Darth Lefty View Post
I don't know which parent taught it to me: I learned to stand facing the bike with the pedal forward, put my weight on the pedal and launch the bike with it, then throw the other leg over once moving. I can do them together pretty fluidly. I don't think about it. It's pretty much like pushing a kick scooter from the wrong side.

It never occurred to me I was doing anything improper until I read disdainful screeds on the Internet calling it the "Cowboy Mount" and it still doesn't feel improper enough to not do.
I've seen quite a few people do that and never thought much of it. Aside from some extra lateral stress on your wheels, it seems like a perfectly fine method (and I doubt that lateral stress is any worse than a full bore sprint applies). I've been meaning to practice some quick mount and dismount technique (just for the heck of it) and the 'Cowboy Mount' seems like a good segway into the flying CX mount.
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