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Originally Posted by RobbieTunes View Post
After the success of C&V bikes at the Dairyland Dare, I've begun to scratch that itch.
I'm going to keep scratching, as the event is now more open to C&V, and expanding on it. (Now registering for 2016, too!)
The Dare has been, for me, an exercise in a bike I can actually finish on vs. the bike I want to bring.

After a couple of Dares and Bartali, I realize I want to get with the program, a bit.

I'm sure someone will post a bike that doesn't meet L'Eroica's rules, and someone will spot it.
Be nice, eh?

1- Bike must be pre-1989 (some sites say 1987)
2- Bike must use toe clips (let's just say no clipless)
3- Brake cable must exit the top of the levers
4- DT shifters

If so, post it. I'm looking right now, have a candidate in my sights.

I'll include a poll, too. Thanks.
You need to add the non-aero 32 spoke minimum wheelset to your list, too.
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