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I want to be clear, I'm not setting any rules. But, I am anticipating some.
At present, I have sold the two bikes I had that qualify, a '79 Semi Pro and an '85 Lotus Classique.

You need to add the non-aero 32 spoke minimum wheelset to your list, too.
Can someone post a link to the actual L'Eroica rules? Just curious.

One thing that jumped out at me at the Dairyland Dare was that the vintage bikes ridden were overwhelmingly disadvantaged in gearing, yet their riders, like crank_addict, ldmataya, Chrome Molly, and smontanaro, took it in stride and just rode. I may have omitted some, as far as the limited gearing goes, but the only grumbling I overheard about vintage bikes was one tri-bike guy to another, "that grey-haired guy on the old bike went right by you, and he's was running something like a 5-sp crit cluster." When I got to the top of that hill, I realized ldmataya and Chrome Molly were at least one of the culprits.
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