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Modified Lawyer Tabs did it....

I finally got the 4.7mm tire clearance I needed. The modified/trimmed tabs now face inside the dropout "U" just above the resting hub axle, secured by the clamped skewer ends(photo):

Here are the tabs, out of the fork:

Thanks to everyone's mention of "Lawyer lips"....I suddenly got the idea it would better suit this application. Instead of trying to bond or semi-permanently adhere the half-moon, Woodruff spacers to the fork dropouts - this solution works, simply because I can still mount the fork to my roof rack trays, without compromising structural integrity, or worrying about the bike flying-off at 80mph. Getting used to putting the front wheel back on quickly does still remain a challenge, as I have to make sure both tabs stay outside the fork...but between the skewer clamp ends.

Net tire clearance, after grinding Headshok air valvecap release nub off(yes - dry conditions ONLY!):

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