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Originally Posted by Dilberto View Post
There is no directional arrow, indicating which way is which.
FAQ | Clement Cycling, Cyclocross Tires, Adventure Tires, Mountain Bike Tires, Road Bike Tires

Q: Which direction should I install the tires?
A: We prefer to install all our tires so any arrow-shaped knobs or chevrons face forward when viewed from the top. Typically, the most prominent knobs will have a sloped or ramped leading edge and a more abrupt or steep trailing edge, when viewed from above. This is true for both front and rear tires. On the PDX, the center arrow-shaped knobs face forward. The LAS side knobs form arrows facing forward too. Some riders may install them differently to get different traction characteristics and that’s perfectly OK!"

Some people (including myself) flip the rear for better traction under acceleration for climbing, but it doesn't make any sense to do it for the front since it's only ever going to see braking force, never accelerating force.

Guys, I understand your concerns - the wheels never leave terra firma and there is weight loading at all times.
That's only true if you ride on perfectly flat and smooth pavement, any bumps and all bets are off. Besides, completely lifting off the ground is ok since there's no braking force exerted anymore, the worst case is when you slightly unweight the front but the tire contact patch is still trying to pivot the wheel out. Believe me, that happens A LOT.
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