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Corrections Made...

Observe more closely(scroll above) the way I originally modified the Lawyer tab "washers." There really is no way the wide outer radius of the washer can slip past the narrow fork dropout opening, since it first has to clear the 2mm recess of the machined, dropout Lawyer lips. The only direction the Lawyer tab washers clear this recess, is by being pulled away outwards(after skewer is loosened). Also notice I left the lower tabs intact. Once the QR skewer is sufficiently loosened - I simply reach under and pop the lower tabs away from the dropout, then the wheel finally comes down. Install is reverse of removal....albeit a bit more finicky. Another thing is I don't need Gorilla-grip skewer tension, to keep the washers in the dropouts...but just enough, to keep the Lawyer tab washer always firmly faced to the dropout. Basically, to get the tire clearance desired - I stayed within limits of where the front axle should be, inside both ends of the dropout. The fork dropout has a wide flare at the bottom, to facilitate ease of wheel install. If in any way the axle final position were at or near the flared portion of the dropout....I would have gone with 650b wheels, hands-down. Thanks to the narrow "wiggle room" of the Cannondale Headshok fork - I did the bikes' shakedown run on a smooth, hard-packed XC race trail(Bonelli Park - Covina, CA)...and the bike performed without incident. Furthermore, I filed-down the IS brake mounting tab holes inward, so I could set the caliper correctly, with full pad contact restored. The vintage, Avid BBDB 165mm rotors would strike inside caliper body, by 0.51mm:

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