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Before a ride:

Drink 12 oz glass orange juice
Drink 12 oz cup strong coffee
Eat bowl of Grape Nuts with soy milk
Drink another 12 oz cup strong coffee
Empty bowels and bladder
Pump tires up to pressure
Reset bike computer
Mount water bottles which have been pre-filled and stored in the fridge
Apply sunscreen
Put on bibs, socks, shoes, jersey, sweatband, helmet, gloves, and sunglasses
Fill jersey pockets with multitool, mini-pump, cellphone, credit card, ID, insurance card, cash, spare tube, tire levers
Lock apartment on the way out

During a ride:
Go as fast and hard as I can for 90-120 minutes
Drink water as required

After a ride:
Take all that crap out of my jersey pockets
Refill water bottles and put back in fridge so ready for next ride
Record data from bike computer
Drink a light beer with a squeeze of lime juice
Smoke a cigarette
Remove kit and take a shower
Put kit in washing machine and hang to dry

Repeat as necessary
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