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chain ring guard

I own a bike with a Gates belt instead of a chain. When I ordered the bike I didn't think I needed a chain guard since there's no grease involved.

Well, every so often, if I'm not paying attention, a shoe lace or a baggy pants leg might find itself between the belt and the teeth on the chain ring. I went back to my bike shop and they ordered a chain guard for my bike. It came in but there wasn't enough clearance.

One of the older guys who works there came back with a less expensive and more elegant solution, a simple chain ring guard which they had in stock (though the one they tried was just a tad too small).

Instead of looking like ... it looks something like ... and just covers the belt at the chain ring area.

They didn't have the exact size I needed but they ordered one for me that will do the trick. I wish I would have thought of this myself. The price for the originally ordered guard (a pressed aluminum guard though most are made from plastic) was around 30. The one ordered will be around 10.

I should add that I have an excellent relationship with my bike shop. I know the owner and all the employees. When they work on my bike I always get a loaner and if they're out of their loaners, they'll give me a bike someone traded in.

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