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Originally Posted by Dave Horne View Post
I own a bike with a Gates belt instead of a chain. When I ordered the bike I didn't think I needed a chain guard since there's no grease involved.

Well, every so often, if I'm not paying attention, a shoe lace or a baggy pants leg might find itself between the belt and the teeth on the chain ring. I went back to my bike shop and they ordered a chain guard for my bike. It came in but there wasn't enough clearance.

One of the older guys who works there came back with a less expensive and more elegant solution, a simple chain ring guard which they had in stock (though the one they tried was just a tad too small).

Instead of looking like ... it looks something like ... and just covers the belt at the chain ring area.

They didn't have the exact size I needed but they ordered one for me that will do the trick. I wish I would have thought of this myself. The price for the originally ordered guard (a pressed aluminum guard though most are made from plastic) was around €30. The one ordered will be around €10.

I should add that I have an excellent relationship with my bike shop. I know the owner and all the employees. When they work on my bike I always get a loaner and if they're out of their loaners, they'll give me a bike someone traded in.
A simpler solution if you must ride with baggy pants is to keep an ankle strap on the bike, you can store it on the seat stays if you don't carry a big enough saddle bag. You can also tuck shoelaces under themselves to prevent them flopping around, or better yet wear laceless shoes.

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