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Bob, I'll assume the bike shop will have no problem ordering what I need from their supplier. The chain guard they had in stock was one size too small.

I took a look at the link you provided and I couldn't find a chain guard that would work with my bike; of course, it's possible I overlooked something that would work.

The diameter of my front ring (with the belt) is about 8" or 120mm. The spacing of the mounts, I have a four arm ring, is 74mm ... and I've learned online that is 'Shimano'. (The other number I saw online was 104mm I believe.) The number of teeth is 54 though I don't know if the number of teeth translates to the same number if I were to have a metal chain instead of a Gates belt.

At any rate, I think I managed to find only one chain guard online. The guy at the bike shop was pretty certain he could order the next size up from the item they had in the store so I'll leave this for them to sort out.

I really don't need a 'full sized' chain guard, I just need a guard at the front ring since that's where the issue is.
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