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Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
It wasn't a bead seating issue, I assure you. I check beads all the time. The first blowout happened 3 miles from the start of my trip (but after 1200 miles and a couple of days of bouncing around in my vehicle as I traveled to the start of my trip) when I stopped at a light and did a trackstand. It blew out while I was balanced over the wheel. The second the same day but on a different wheel...happened when I hit a small pothole on a east Texas road about 20 miles into my ride.. The pothole may have been 3/4" deep but the rear wheel blew out. The third one happened in the middle of the night at the campground where I was staying. And the fourth one happened after I hitched a ride back to my truck, got my bike, got tubes and repaired the blowout in a hotel room while I pondered whether or not to drive the 1200 miles back home or risk spending 2 week dealing with blowouts. I reduced my pressure to 70 psi and risked it but never had another blowout on that trip.

I would attribute it to a bad batch of tires if I had not had previous blow out experiences with Continental touring tires that didn't leave me stranded but certainly left me frustrated. After 6 blowouts...5 of which occurred far away from home...and one Continental shredding after an impact with a small rock on a downhill, I'm very soured on Continental tires. I've used all kinds of tires and all kinds of brands but never had as much trouble with a brand as I've had with the Continentals.
I have had excellent luck with Contis including Gatorskins and Grand Prix, but never used the Touring Contacts.
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