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Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
I've had very good luck with Vittoria. I've used Randonneurs for commuting for the last 3 or 4 years. I toured on Michelin Lithion around the south in 2011 and should have kept them on my bike but decided that they were looking a little cut and worn in Cincinatti and changed to the tire in the picture. Just this spring I did 1500 miles of touring on Panaracer RibMo around Lake Erie. This included a lot of dirt road, canal path and rail trail riding. They worked wonderfully. Their profile is not completely round but they are still good tires.
Well I put some Randonneurs on my bike. I had one tire already from a REI garage sale and just ordered a matching tire. They are SUPPOSE to be 28mm tires but measure 25mm at 80psi. I guess this is the new age? Order one size bigger than what you are shooting for? Then hope for the best? I can see being off a millimeter, but 3? These were made in Thailand btw.

I'll see how these do. Being that I'm ~250#, those missing 3mm do make a difference.
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