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Originally Posted by dddd View Post
I just received several stems and measured their quill diameters. The three ORIGIN-8 stems measure no greater than 22.0mm, slightly less in places, so are sure to be a real time-saver versus filing down stems as I have often resorted.
EDIT; I test-fitted one into both a PX10 and a Urago, both are from the 1960's and so definitely both 22.0mm spec.

Though rather heavy, these very inexpensive stems are sleek and beefy, with notable extra material surrounding the tapped hole that runs up into the bottom of the extension, just behind the clamp. They are otherwise much like a copy of the ubiquitous "SR Custom" stem iir, which was possibly the most mass-produced stem ever.

I found that the logo was very easily removed with wetted, medium steel wool, leaving no blemish to the original, smooth finish.

Also, that the clamp diameter, at my measured 25.56mm, will likely work either with 25.4mm (as intended) or 25.8mm handlebars.
EDIT; I did test-install a pair of TTT bars, but it took much spreading force from an Allen key being wedged in and rotated 30 degrees. So I'm uncomfortable recommending this stem being used with bars larger than 25.4mm.

I am quite pleased with this find. A shiny, sturdy 10cm stem for an old French bike is an oft-needed part(!).
Just don't use it with a 25.0mm French handlebar(!), which are almost always too narrow anyway.

Note that most true 22.0 French stem quills measure at least a tenth of a millimeter smaller than 22.0mm, with many even measuring well under that, so I don't consider these stems at all unsafe to use in the intended 22.2mm ID steer tubes, especially as the slant/wedge design isn't vulnerable to cracks developing from any over-expansion of the quill by a cone-type of wedge.

Ignoring the subsequent details, I do want to thank you for this. Especially on the test to remove that hideous logo. I have two French bikes and could use inconspicuous stem options.

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