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I've just finished installing one of the Origin-8 stems that I also modified to properly fit and grip a 26.0 handlebar.

I had to fashion a sort of reamer to apply the necessarily forceful sanding action that would maintain the straight bore centerline with even stock removal. It worked out great, and I'm just now about to finish wrapping my new, wider, Trek-sourced handlebars with a bit shallower ramp angle than the original, narrow, 25.0mm AVA handlebars.
True, that the original look has not been preserved, but I at least got the clamp and rider-fit dimensions worked out to perfection using an older bar with plain, silver center and with traditional round curves instead of some Ergo-Anatomic style. I did what I could with the parts I had, and now will be riding with a non-death stem and padded tape. I'll post a before and after of the bike in a little while.

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