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Katakura Silk

I have completed a full resoration of a seemingly untouched (mid-late 60?) Silk bicycle which with a little love(30 hours of rebuilding) and a lot of chrome polish has definitely turned some heads since I finished the project. There's little I can find on the Silk bicycle company let alone the model I have but it's obvious It was put together right. It comes with a complete 1st gen Shimano skylark group set, and Nitto bar and stem (bars are also stamped with silk signature). It's obvious the bike lived inside and rarely ridden. Now a collectors piece, I have grown to love this small piece of history. I found it for 99$ at a pawn shop and talked them down to 75$. I was very happy with my purchase. Baised off the pictures, does anyone know what year it is? What it's worth? Where I can find more info on it? Thanks!

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