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Originally Posted by monogodo View Post
We successfully fostered a kitten about 18 months ago. It was a gorgeous all-black kitten. We decided to put fostering on hold for a bit, because we had adopted two cats, one of which had spent almost her entire life (11 months) in the shelter. She was very timid, and pretty much didn't know how to be a cat. The spare room was kinda her room, and she was very put out that she had to give it up to the foster kitten (we're required to keep any foster animals apart from ours, for health & safety reasons). We figured that we'd give her a chance to become more comfortable with us and the house before fostering more. Then my brother moved in. She's now to the point where she'll come up to me when I'm on the couch, and nudge me to pet her. But only with one hand. If I even hint that I'm going to bring a second hand in to pet her, or make a move to pick her up or hold her, she bolts. If she's into the petting, and can't see me bring the second hand in, then I can get away with using two hands, but if I try to move her, or hold her, she bolts.
My feral is a lot like that with regards to petting. Two hands was kind of a big deal to her when she saw what I'd been doing for a while, and the first time for three hands made her look like she'd been visited by confuse-a-cat while enjoying the heck out of it.
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