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SRAM Force 22 rear derailleur questions


I noted I can usually shift up 1, 2 or 3 cogs at once with SRAM Force 22, depending on how much I move the shifter, but the questions are:

1. If I start from the smallest cog (11) and move the shifter full range, then it switches 4 cogs at once (from 11 to 15, for around 80% of cases), or it makes a 3 cogs shifting with failure (from 11 to 14, but unsuccessfully trying to lift the chain to the 15th cog, for around 20% of cases). Is this normal?

2. When shifting only one cog at once, I noted that I can solve the failures at the middle of the range (14 15 cogs) by tightening the cable. However: when should I stop tightening the cable? What are the symptoms of a too tighten cable for the rear derailleur?

3. Overall, in practice, what would be the average failure rate of a well tuned SRAM Force 22 rear derailleur? Is a rate around 5-10% acceptable?

Thanks in advance,
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