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Originally Posted by Redbullet View Post

I noted I can usually shift up 1, 2 or 3 cogs at once with SRAM Force 22, depending on how much I move the shifter, but the questions are:

1. If I start from the smallest cog (11) and move the shifter full range, then it switches 4 cogs at once (from 11 to 15, for around 80% of cases), or it makes a 3 cogs shifting with failure (from 11 to 14, but unsuccessfully trying to lift the chain to the 15th cog, for around 20% of cases). Is this normal?

2. When shifting only one cog at once, I noted that I can solve the failures at the middle of the range (14 15 cogs) by tightening the cable. However: when should I stop tightening the cable? What are the symptoms of a too tighten cable for the rear derailleur?

3. Overall, in practice, what would be the average failure rate of a well tuned SRAM Force 22 rear derailleur? Is a rate around 5-10% acceptable?

Thanks in advance,
The "failure" is in the shifter, not the derailleur. The derailleur is stupid, it only does what the shifter tells it to. The shifter's instructions reflect the action of the user. If the user doesn't push the shift lever quite as far one time as he/she did the previous time, the result may be different
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