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Durablility of Rear Deraillers

I'm wondering about the durability of rear deraillers. My current RD has gotten to be as crooked as the proverbial dogs hind leg and I wondering about what to replace it with. The obvious criteria are chain width and chain wrap that match my cranks and cogs. Lower weight is certainly nice, but I want to find something that is relatively bulletproof. My primary concern is resistance to bumps and bangs when the bike gets blown over by the wind, gets banged by others in a bike rack, etc. Since I'm using friction shifting, index compatibility is not relevant for me, but I'll assume standard Shimano indexing since Campy and some SRAM are really specific to their own shifters.

Are there any product lines well known for their durability? Known to be really fragile? Or is it impossible to make generalizations beyond a particular specific model?
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