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Bikes: Self-built Kinesis Tripster ATR setup for touring.

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Touring with a Shimano 105 Road Triple

This is just some advice for anyone who wants to tour with a road-bike triple and what I learned from the experience.

Firstly, I toured Spain and Italy for 5 weeks last summer with my bicycle (Charge Plug 4 2014 - 10-speed 105 kit) configured 50/34 and 12-28 (1.21 turn ratio, 32.7 gear inches). Some mountains were killer and I had to walk up but overall I survived, with some painful knees at times.

By last winter I'd changed to a 50/39/30 and 12-30 Tiagra cassette for my tour in South America (1:1 - 27 gi). It was much better but climbing some mountains was real tough, though I'd managed to go as high as 1250m on a very hot day with lots of horseflies buzzing around to motivate me to keep going, it was tough.

Upon my return I reversed the b-screw on my short-cage rear derailleur and successfully fitted an 11-32 SRAM cassette (0.93 - 25.4 gi). A recent weekend in the Welsh mountains made me reconsider my options... I was climbing better, but still there were some places just too steep to handle, and that's carrying no gear! So recently I decided to see if I could change my granny ring from 30 to 26 - success!

So to summarise with a standard 10-speed 105 triple, if you need more gearing you can get from the official 30/30 front/rear short cage limit to 26/32 (0.81 ratio - 21.9 gear inches)

I think that's probably the maximum one can get out of a road-triple, but I'd like too see if anyone improves on it.

Obligatory bike photo attached with current setup.

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