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Originally Posted by 79pmooney View Post
I went a couple of decades riding Cyclones with both the short and long cages. When play started developing in either the cage pivot or the parallelogram, I would go to a bike sop, sort through their box of trashed derailleurs, find a new one with a broken other half and rebuild mine. (This was pure luxury. Like you said, those Cyclones shifted very well long after a lot of play developed.)

Originally Posted by Camplex View Post
SunTour in general, yes. I have a bike with a long-cage Cyclone and it seems indestructible. Same with my backup, the XC7000 Sport.
Originally Posted by travbikeman View Post
Last time I had to replace a derailleur for failure.........think it was 1986 or 87. The basic store bought Shimano on my old Columbia Blaze died. Replaced it with a nice Suntour at the time. I miss Suntour.
I'm using SunTour Accushifts, 7 speed indexed, in friction mode and they are built to last through WWIII. I'll keep an eye out from a good deal on a Cyclone, if nothing else as a bulletproob backup.

Are we just old crochety bastards, that we so miss the way everything from bike kit to houses were built in the proverbial good old days? Or have things just gotten disposable in all aspects of life?
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