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Originally Posted by DrIsotope View Post
As I'm on my third handlebar, I figured out that the shape/configuration of the bar is more important than what you wrap it with. Switching from a 44cm compact to a 44cm ergo w/ oval top section made all the difference. I had double-wrap on the flats and drops on my compact, and it still wasn't as comfortable-- even though the reach and drop are virtually the same between the two bars. I overcome some of the banana-hands issue with gloves-- makes it easier to grab a bar made for someone with "normal" hands.

I had the same reaction to compact drops as well. Though it was hideous as hades, the most comfy I ever was in drops was with ergo shaped bars using 1/4-3/8" foam pipe insulation covered in "coaches" tape. Felt as good as it looked bad.

I'm using pursuits and aeros now and am getting ready to go back to the pipe wrap. One of the nifty features of pipe insulation is that it has a lengthwise split that can hide a length of cable housing. That way, the housing does not present a perceptible bump on the bars. Though Newbaum's cotton tape is too thin straight, it seems like it would make the pipe foam far more attractive on handlebars.
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