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"We're going to leave this bike laying around in the hood and see if anyone wants to steal it."

I think the PC thing is kind of dumb, but he could have said "laying around in the park" since it's actually in a park.

Also, I've seen several of these dumb prank videos and it always seems to be white dude bro's going after black guys in the "hood" - "We're going to go try to start a fight in the hood, and then rip our clothes off and it's going to be so funny, haha, haha, duh".

I dunno, I just don't find it amusing. It's high school bully behavior to me, let's leave this bike here, see if anyone tries to take it, and then laugh at their misfortune. There's far funnier things on the internet than dumb white guys pranking each other.

For example:
Hey guys, lets go play bikes! Strava

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