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It was probably staged, extremely stupid and highly dangerous but a tiny bit amusing. It is one of those things that your normal brain says "well that's just stupid and not funny" but your primal brain says "bwhahaha his nuts...pow". Granted the guys intro and the guy who was narrating was annoying as hell.
@bengreen79: We cannot, from this video, discern what opportunities/money that those folks have or didn't have. From looking at the park it doesn't look like it was in a poor neighborhood, it actually looked like a pretty decent park in a pretty decent neighborhood. A lot of grass, trees and paved paths as well as a skatepark and tennis courts. I think you made some assumptions about the folks who took the bike (if this wasn't staged, which is unlikely) which didn't quite need to be made.

Sure, people of color generally have a harder time because they have been kept down for so long and yes exploitation is wrong but if you on your own free will decide to take a bike, that is on you. It is not a racial thing, it has nothing to do with opportunities you may or may not have had or social status of any sort, it is just poor parenting which people of all races, sexes, and creeds can experience. If your parents didn't teach you stealing is wrong it has nothing to do with anything but your parents being bad parents and if you disregard your parents teachings on the subject, that is again on you and you alone!
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