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I just got a Stem that rises at a higher angle. Is that right?

The reason is because I had some back discomfort the last month. Now originally this bike came with a risen stem. But it was a temporary white stem and then I had the LBS replace it with a black stem. It was a lower angle, because they were out of the higher angled one.

So I tested it out for a month. It was good at first. But then the back pain started to really creep up on me. Now I normally don't have too much pain when riding. But the pain became very obvious each time I rode. So is this from the bike being too low, or is it my fault for not having the core strength?

Just got the higher stem put back on my LBS. I rode a little today. Didn't have as much back pain, but I also feel like it's a little harder to get into a powerful position to get my maximum speed. I'm more upright, but might be a tad slower when I'm trying to go fast. And plus, I felt like I was getting used to the lower position. Not my back, but my coordination. Now it's slightly more awkward getting back onto the new height. So what should I do?

The other thing is they charged me over 60 for the stem (not including labor) because they had to order it. But it was originally supposed to be the one I was supposed to have, they had given me a temporary one. So I'm confused why they are charging me for something I was never supposed to pay for.
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