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Out of curiosity, what led you to this bike specifically? Price? Color? Size? Since information on that model is so difficult to find (the DX is not the same bike and the only SX I can find is a 1999 SX 4.5), it implies that it may be a department store type bike. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not always high quality. The CL ad doesn't specify anything about the components except "Very Good Components". My rule of thumb is, if they can't even read the labels off their own bike to make the posting, they either know nothing (and their evaluation of "very good" might be totally wrong) or they can't be bothered to look. Also, he's calling it a "hybrid". That is a fairly generic, late 90's mountain bike, not a hybrid. In short, I find it difficult to trust the seller's information purely based upon the Craigslist ad.

If it were me, I'd do like others have said - check it out in person. If everything works smoothly, the tires aren't worn out, and doesn't need a lot of work, offer $75. I wouldn't pay $150 for a generic, 15+ year old mountain bike. There are literally dozens of competing manufacturers from that time period, many more reputable than Mongoose. Unless there's something very specific you like about this particular bike, for $150 you should be able to easily find at least a few hundred comparable (or better) rides at that price from that time period.

Now, if it's in stellar shape and you have a particular affection for the brand, color, components, or styling, then you might be willing to pay more than I would. Perhaps to you, it's worth the $150. I'd bet the seller is willing to go down on the price at least a little though.

My $0.02.

-Kent W.
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