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$60 Bianchi 80s, Seek info, tips


I snagged this Bianchi road bike for $60 from Kijiji (like CL). Looking for any insights from the forum's knowledge-keepers! I've uploaded a few pics here on the forum, including serial number, but here's a link to a folder full of images (Google Drive)
(Hope folks can access these pics!)

Or try this link:

Couple of practical puzzles:

1) Check out the pic of the seat post binder bolt. Must have had a difference of opinion with former rider and got 'all bent out of shape'. Where can I source this? Note little tab under the binder bolt head.

2) The headset: I removed the lockring, but look at the notched adjustable ring. Tool? I tried some light-medium taps with large screwdriver, no luck. Need proper tool.

3) Any idea of year for this Bianchi? I'm going to guess 1984.

4) Any idea of model? There were no decals on the frame indicating a model name, only "Bianchi" and "Edoardo" on the head tube.

5) Thinking I'll stick with 27" wheels. Rims in good shape and cleaning up nicely (polished alloy)

6) Freewheel (thinking of going to 7-speed freewheel, but opinion on spreading dropouts to 130mm, going to 8-speed freehub)?

Here's what I've found out so far:

Bianchi Road Bike
(Bought Oct 8, 2015, Kijiji, $60)
Serial Number - AS572079Stamped on seat tube above BB

Appears to be entry-level Bianchi, probably made in Japan? Canada?

Dia Compe
#5583 , 1284M

Axle Nuts, 15mm
Rims, Ambrosio (Italy)

28 x 630 (27” x 1/1/8”)
Bontrager Select
Inflate to 100psi

4 F LPF (front)
4 I LPF (rear)

KUSUKI, Japan (ND side)
“win” (stylized, Dside)
Diameter, 25.8mm

Overall length (vertical edge to edge of handlebar mount), 130.4mm

Seat Post
Diameter, 25.3mm (second measure, 25.4mm)

Seat Binder Bolt, nut 13mm? (bent)
Length, 35mm
Thread pitch, 1.25mm
Head diameter, 15mm, Washer diameter, 15mm
Washer thickness, 1.6mm
Thread size (7.98mm, nominal M8)

Outer, 52T
Inner, 40T

Crank Arms
Sugino, 170mm

Standard threading

SA (or SR?)
SP 150

Size, 22” (BB centre to centre TT, along seat tube measure)
TT length, 22”, 26mm o.d.
Chainstays, 17”
BB Height, 11”
Tubing, 29mm o.d. (Downtube & Seattube)
Headtube o.d., 32.30mm
No markings on type of steel tubes used

Lockring 33.6mm
Notched (3) Adjustable ring

Rear Dropouts
Spacing, 126mm
No markings

Dropout spacing, 100mm
Dropouts labeled ‘Bianchi’

DT Shifters
Shimano, Z401

Shimano, Z202

Shimano, Z501

6 cog
14, 16, 18, 22, 26, 30

Had a fun test ride on this Bianchi, 20 years of built up crud and muck and all. Very much appreciate any/all input, good, bad, or whatever.


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