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1987 Schwinn Paramount, Purple Haze

Hello...need some help with valuation and general advice. I just recently finished putting together a 1987 Schwinn Paramount, color was Purple Haze. Here is a link to one in this color, but mine is a 57cm and is lugged at the headtube:

I would love to show off some pics of mine, but it isn't much in show-worthy condition anymore. I completed the build about two weeks ago and was struck by a hit-and-run drunk driver 1/4 mile from home, 24 miles into my first ride on it. Prior to the accident, the frame was in excellent condition...some very minor nicks in the paint but nothing significant and not rusty. "Paramount" logo on the original A9 headset has a little fading but still was visible. The component group was Shimano Sante...yes, I too made fun of the way Sante looked when it came out...but Sante combined with the paint color on this frame made for a very neat look, it was period correct, and from an engineering standpoint the Sante components aren't half-bad. The components were all either NOS or nearly flawless. The only thing not period correct on the bike was the white Fizik Arione saddle.

The damage: To me, liberal road rash and embedded rocks over much of my left side and a broken pelvis that will have me using a walker/cane for at least 3 months...all things considered, could have been much, much worse. The bike...his bumper tacoed my rear wheel, locking everything up. Frame is probably salvageable...I'm certain it needs a realignment but it isn't gross...brake bridge may need to be replaced. It will need a repaint/new decals. Pretty much all of the components are scratched/banged up now. The tacoed rear wheel put some torque on the rear caliper and brake bridge that they weren't designed for. Rear caliper won't open and close properly. Ti rails on Arione bent. Front derailleur cage bent, big ring (biopace, no less) on the crank out of whack. Road rash on rear derailleur and brake levers. Kit I was wearing was shredded. Garmin and Sidis functional but not pretty.

The culprit was duty deputy was going the opposite direction, witnessed the whole thing, and chased the guy to the next county once he saw there were others to help me. The guy's BAC was .11 four hours after the accident...he had no recollection of hitting a cyclist...but had no recollection of losing his mirror either...which was in the heap along the road with me and my bike.

His insurance company wants me to provide documentation on the value of my property damage (I guess they will settle up for the hospital bills, PT, pain and suffering, mowing my lawn, raking my leaves, cleaning my gutters later.) I'm really at a loss on how to proceed on the property damage and could use some advice on how to do this. It took me nearly a year of scouring craigslist and ebay for the Sante parts. The "purple haze" paint job is not common. Even if I get it all repainted, it will never be original anymore. I do want to ride this bike again, though, and I've got zero intention of ever selling it...especially now.
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