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Thank you all for your replies!

I bought a 95 Specialized Hardrock Sport for my first "real" bike and turned it into a hybrid. Im still pretty upright, but not as much as i was on my previous MTB. Im still working on the fit but its pretty much right. Since fixing the fit issues, i havent had any pain while or after riding, thankfully...but, i did just buy this bike about a month ago so we'll see, as I ride more/longer. I did want to go with a road bike with drop bars but i wasnt quite comfortable with that yet.

I had known about my lower back problems for awhile, but it comes and goes depending on how much im in the car, and the like, so i try to switch things up and take it easy to avoid what i can. My doctor recently noticed how crooked my head/neck was when i was speaking with her one day and saw how inflamed it was and asked to check it, and if i was having migraines and pain in my jaw, neck, shoulder, and arm - I always had terrible pain and migraines. I assumed it was my muscles and that stretching would fix it eventually so i didnt bring it up (not knowing migraines were related). She doesnt like doing surgery right off the bat though - she is going to do a years worth of injections first. Im only 26! She said its most likely from a car accident i was involved in - as a passenger, my head was slammed sideways into the window when our car was t-boned or whatever.

Anyway, so far i havent noticed an increase in pain in my neck except for one day since having this bike. It only lasted a day and i figured it was a flare up or something. I never thought about it when it came to riding - i searched this site and found someone had said that riding helped them, but that was all. It was somewhat unrelated to the OP so i thought i would ask!

I definitely have more questions now that i can ask my doctor this week! Thank you for sharing!
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