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lower back bulging disc which has been (knock on wood) remarkably in remission the last 6 years. did miss out on 10 days of riding in september
though. being on the bike feels better when the back flares up once or twice a year even when doing ridiculous hc climbs/5,000 ft + elevation gained
regardless of pushing a small or large gear. when the back is in a really funky place, there have been times when i've literally collapsed after getting
off the bike however. that said, i've been doing more climbing, longer rides and crazier stuff in the last 4 years. the back problem first appeared 15 years ago.
i'm 47 and riding 6,000+ miles with approx 400,000 ft gained yearly the last few years. my biggest adversary is physical inactivity: sleeping in,
watching too many movies, etc and not riding. back tends to get stiff laying around. i treat with ice packs for 3-4 days when i get flare ups (spasms or nearly so).

have never had it but i understand neck pain is zero fun. have had some back spasm/pain episode where i was afraid to blink my eyelids and coughing or sneezing
would trigger a new round of back spasms. apparently, neck pain is even worse. at one point, i was going to a chiropractor 3x a week + stretching an hour a day
(20 mins after waking up, 20 mins here and there during the day and 20 mins before bed) but nothing helped as well as a new memory foam mattress.
i rarely stretch my back anymore. best wishes.

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