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Originally Posted by Hardrock23 View Post
So far, i havent noticed riding making anything worse...what gets me is being in the car, or in bed, for too long!
Ditto, even trying to sleep a full 8 hours in one stretch usually results in at least a dull headache and neck/back ache. Often I'll sleep a few hours, sit up and read or putter an hour or so, then go back to bed for a couple of hours.

I use a lot of muscle rubs on my neck and shoulders. Helps me, but be careful with the stuff containing salicylates - some folks can react badly, especially when exercising. In rare cases folks can go into shock or develop symptoms comparable to Reye's Syndrome. With the stuff containing menthol and other ingredients, usually the worst that might happen is some skin irritation from using it just before exercising.

I found only one chiropractor whom I'd trust to make neck adjustments, but we're no longer in the same area so I don't use chiropractors anymore. I'm a bit skeptical about the voodoo associated with "alignment", acupuncture, etc. But the massage and joint popping felt good, so that was good enough for me.

Like you, I've been surprised that bike riding hasn't aggravated the neck/back pain or headaches. But I'm attributing some of that to choosing an upright bike position. Years ago, even before the car wreck that busted up my back and neck, I'd get migraines during long rides, especially if I used the drop bars too much. Apparently craning my neck for too long pinched some nerves, interfered with blood flow or both. Hard to tell because migraines are often associated with serotonin imbalances too, and may be independent of anything we do physically.

Speaking of which, melatonin and valerian root may help with some migraine episodes. Probably best to avoid before riding if these make you very drowsy. But to help treat migraines, especially during the aura or early warning stage, they're worth a try. Both seem to have beneficial effects on the serotonin balance, although the research is sketchy. Works for me, though. I haven't needed to take valproic acid or Welbutrin as migraine-preventive prophylactic meds for years.

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