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Thanks, guys - it is nice to have all these old pics. Not so easy to photograph the old photographs (too many were shot with that shiny-finish paper), tho!

Here are a couple more pics of the Raleigh - note the weird little detailing I was doing even way back then

Look closely here and you can see the grub screw is broken off on the lower pivot housing. No wonder it was always such a PITA to get the wheel back in after changing a tube/tire:

Oh, yeah - I was a flute-painting fool back then, too. Just not as good at it. Doesn't look as though my attention to detail was fully-developed, either, looking at that bare-ended FD cable:

I did the lug-lining (badly) and the heart (fairly competently) in this shot. I was into decals on my bike back then - why, I've no idea:

NDS, baby! What a dork I was...

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