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Bolt-on front disc wheel? (Not QR)

I've gotten used to bolt-on wheels and appreciate the security since my bike gets parked on the street during the day.

I have a 700c outfitted with fenders and 35cm tires that I rode most of last winter because we didn't get a lot of snow. The wheels are the cheap velomine CR18s on Formula hubs. I want to convert the front to a disc brake.

Is there a bolt-on hub with disc brake that I can build a cheap-ass wheel around because I'm a cheap-ass (and see the point about bike parking)? It's hard to search for because the bolt-on rotor messes with the search terms. I'm looking for an entry level dibs huh that's not QR.

I know the front wheel has nothing to do with ss/fg but this is probably the best place for the question.
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