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Originally Posted by dsaul View Post
The difference in clearance between chainstays and seatstays is normal. As for the fork, there are really only two widths available for those fork crowns. The narrow width for road tires would not have enough clearance for your 32mm tires, so the builder really had little choice on the side clearance. The top clearance on the fork probably has something to do with the fact that 395mm seems to be the accepted standard axle to crown height for cross forks. The builder probably built the fork with a 395 ATC so that you could switch forks in the future, without affecting the geometry of the frame. This is only a guess at what happened, your builder could provide you with the actual answer.

As a side note, I find it odd that a well respected builder would hand off a bare frame to the customer.
Yep, this is all absolutely true. Got back in touch with the builder, he explained it to me, and it all makes perfect sense now. I just wish I knew that info beforehand, so that I wasn't so shocked and think something was wrong when it was finished. Either way, I was in the wrong thinking something was amiss.

As for the bare frame, I requested it bare. Just plan to give the steel and brass fillets a fine sanding/shine, apply his decals, and give it a 2k semi-gloss clear-coat.
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