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I suspect I might have contributed to this bias, by mentioning that my Lemond felt so much livelier than my beloved '86 Schwinn Peloton. Please let me know if I'm just being paranoid and it wasn't me.

First: my Japanese-built Schwinn Peloton was built in 1986 of Columbus SP & SL tubing, was chrome plated underneath the paint, and was ridden on 23c tires
Second: my Italian-built Greg Lemond was built in 1994 of Columbus TSX tubing, and was ridden on 25c tires.

All other factors were identical:
~same saddle, seatpost, bars, components, wheels, ...even the bottle cages on both bikes were plastic Velocity in black. Both were even ridden on Continental GP4000 tires, except that the Peloton has slightly narrower 23c.

It's funny that I just ran into this thread after dinking my middle fingernail on each frame for the benefit of my beloved GF. Both her and my Lemond sounded slightly more sonorous when dinking the center of the top tube. But this is very likely due to the fact that my Schwinn Pelotons are both chrome-plated and then painted.
I still love the way my Japanese-built Peloton rides. Did a 72 miler on her today, and it was a special day. Also, I've crash-tested the 86 Peloton at least 8 times and that frame is the Sherman tank of racing bicycles. Bet I could use that frame to machete my way through a jungle of modern carbon frames, build it back up and it would still track truer than gospel.

P.S. Aside from the longer top tube on the Lemond, they have nearly identical BB heights, and all other dimensions are within half a cm as well. The Lemond also has the less-steep seat tube angle, and the saddle is a little less than a cm further back and a little more than half a cm lower.
TLDR, but didnt' want to leave anything out.

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