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Originally Posted by kuan
I went through the same thing you did a few weeks ago. I already have a Timex HRM and decided I wanted a GPS for running so I went and got a Garmin 101. It lasted all of three days before I returned it. Where I live it takes a while to lock in and the readings weren't instant, the heart rates were. I couldn't live with this discrepency and since there weren't provisions for downloadingi and analyzing data I decided that I could live without it.
Basically ruled out the idea of a gps because of the problems they have, looking at the acceleratometers systems such as what Polar uses.

Really like this one here at the moment:

Originally Posted by kuan
But look here at this new Garmin product.
Pretty cool, but quite expensive.
Ah, perhaps I should have posted this under the triathlon forum rather than training....

Well by best I was more meaning best price/benifit ratio for running. That one there would be awesome, just not so much for running. Got a separate bike computer for that stuff. Plus it it is bit pricey, might have considered it but I'd like something a bit less.
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