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Questions about single speed chains , do they wear faster ?

Hi all ,

Just a quick question or two . I noticed the new chain I put on my single speed has seemed to stretch a bit already after not so much use . The tension is fine , even on the loose side . Is it because I'm putting so much power into the chain when taking the single speed up the steep hills in my city ? I really need to get out of the saddle and put my whole weight on the pedals to climb on my single speed . So should I expect to go through chains faster than I would on a geared bike ?

Second Question , should I change out the chain when its overstretched just as I would on a geared bike . The idea I have is that I can get more mileage out of a stretched chain on a single speed as their wont be the shifting /slipping issues that the same chain would have on a geared bike , correct ?

Thanks ,

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