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Originally Posted by 79pmooney View Post
Yes, completely true. Shorter SS speed chains will wear faster IF you only ride the geared bike with a straight chainline all the time. And you put cogs as thick as SS cogs on your geared bike. (And rotate the cogs on your cassette so that you share the load between those cogs while keeping that perfect chainline. "Let's see, feels like a good day to run my 12 and 28. They haven't been getting much use. I'll take my 12-28 10-speed and go 13-14-15-17-12-28-19-21-23-25. Tomorrow I'll ride the 13 and the 25.")

Sorry, this is a little unkind, but many of us run SS/FG BECAUSE the drive trains last so bloody long.

That is wrong. An "SS speed chain" will always wear slower, not faster, than your geared chain if you ride the geared bike all the time. It doesn't matter if you only use gears that maintain a straight chainline or not, obviously, your SS chain is not gonna wear unless you ride it.
Why limit yourself to certain gear ratios? If you've got gears, use them and replace your chain when it needs it.

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