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Originally Posted by Scrodzilla View Post
Slightly off topic but a guy came into the shop a few weeks ago to get a new chain and he got mad when I told him his chainring was worn and should also be replaced.

His response to me showing him the shark-finned teeth was, "That thing is made of METAL. It should last FOREVER". I'm not quite sure what he though his old chain was made of.
If I'm "building", I'll try to use good parts.

But, I'm planning on riding my regular bike until I just have a few nubs left. No need to replace if asymptomatic. Just keep an eye on it.

There are several different alloys used. I believe that the basic steel rings just use high carbon steel, and may wear just as fast as the aluminum alloy rings. I have one aluminum ring that is wearing FAST. Reports seem to indicate that 6061 aluminum wears faster than 7xxx alloys.

Anyway, if the bike is riding fine, bring attention to the worn rings, but don't replace them unless it is needed. The owner may well get 10,000 more miles out of his config, depending on how bad it really is.
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